Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sex With Aunti Urdu Kahani Urdu Story

Sender: Vinay

Hi guys, this is my first ever story so pls do not judge me too harshly. It’s a story about how I fucked my aunt. Let me tell you about myself. I am 22 years old and am average looking with average cock. My Aunty is a typical Indian woman with nice breast and ass. I never had any bad intentions towards her but after reading stories I started to look at her differently. I knew I would not be able to rest until I fucked her. So I decided to plan it out.

I would normally go to her house in the evenings on weekends but my uncle would be at home so nothing could happen. So I decided to go during afternoon. So one afternoon when I was there my Aunty went to bathe but she forgot to bring her towel… I knew this was the one chance I was looking for.. Once she went in I quickly got naked and waited for to ask for the towel.. As just as I predicted she opened the door a bit to ask for the towel and put her hand out. I took my dick and put it in her hand.. She grabbed it thinking it was the towel but instantly let go when she realized what it was. I pushed the door open and I saw her fully naked.. Her breast were huge with dark nipples and her pussy was covered with a small patch of hair..

She was in a shock at what was happening. I took advantage and started kissing her while squeezing her tits.. They were so soft.. She started resisting and I gripped her tightly.. She said this was wrong and it’s a sin. I said I was showing her my love. I kissed her lips and put my hand on her pussy.. She let out a moan and I knew she was mine. I brought her out and made her lie on the bed.. I spread her legs and started licking her.. She was moaning and grinding.. I knew she wanted it.. I licked her for a few minutes and then I stood up and asked her to suck me.. She said she don’t like it. I moved to her head and put my cock on her lips.. She slowly parted them and took me in.. It was heavenly.. She sucked me for a few minutes and I couldn’t take it.. I took my cock out and spread her legs and inserted my dick into her pussy.. It was so tight.. I slowly went in and out.. She was moaning loudly.. I increased my speed and her boobs were bouncing all over

I fucked her for at least 15 minutes non stop.. I was going to cum.. She told me to take it out.. I took my dick out and she started stroking me.. It felt so good.. I couldn’t hold it and I burst all over her hands.. She licked it all and gave me a kiss on my dick..

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